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23 May 2022

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Wedding Mojacar Pueblo
Rebecca 05/08/12
We''re very newly engaged and looking into our dream wedding in Spain for 2014.

My Fiancé''s parents are both born British, but they own their own
house in Mojacar Pueblo and have lived there permanently for over 10 years. My Fiancé also lived with them for about 18months before we met 7 years ago, although we have no paperwork to back this up.
My Fiancé and myself are both British citizens living in England. We''d love to have a civil wedding ceremony in Mojacar Pueblo (probably the Town Hall) as Mojacar holds a special place in our hearts and that of my Fiancé''s parents. However, we''re not sure if its legally possible for us to get married there?! Neither of us has ever been married before so that would make the paperwork a bit simpler.

Does anyone know if it is possible for us to Marry in Spain?

Thank you :)
RE: Wedding Mojacar Pueblo
Katey Lawson 30/09/12
Hi Rebecca

Are you still looking for help with planning your wedding in Mojacar?

I case you are:

You cannot officially get married in Mojacar, although there are places in Gibraltar that you can. You have to have been a permanent resident of Spain to be able to marry here. Mojacar is not far up the road from me and I planned my wedding blessing in 2010 and made some fantastic contacts.

I am setting up as a blessing planner here as I have been asked on a few occasions to help plan weddings in Mojacar and surrounding areas. I can also plan a fantastic hen and stag do as well.

Let me know where you are in your plans and if you are still going ahead, I''d love to help.

Warm wishes
RE: Blessing in Mojacar Pueblo
Ana 12/02/14
Hi Katey

This is an old thread but I thought it might be worth a shot! My fiance and I are getting married in North Yorkshire (where I grew up) but would like to follow our wedding with a blessing in Spain in order for us to celebrate with my Spanish side of the family.

We would love to hold a blessing in Mojacar Pueblo (an area that holds a lot of meaning to us), my father and family live very close by in the Vera/Garrucha area. So far I have found it a bit difficult to find out very much about organising a Spanish blessing in this part of Spain and so hoped you may have some advice.


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