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23 May 2022

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Wedding Planner Needed!!
Ciara Fenlon 29/01/13
Hi All,

I am looking for a wedding planner in Mojacar!

Does anyone know if Stacy Reading is still working / living out there? If not maybe someone has some information or contacts that they could share with me?

I would be very grateful!

Many Thanks

RE: wedding planner
Vicky white 29/03/13
Hi Ciara,

Not sure if you''ve solved your request yet as its been a few months. If not let me know as I live in Mojacar and could ask around for you.

RE: wedding planner, mojacar
Ali 02/05/13

Did you manage to get in touch with Stacey Reading? I am also wanting to get in touch with her?

RE: Stacey Reading
Ciara Fenlon 25/06/13
Hi All,

Apologies for not replying sooner! Yes I got in touch with Stacey and we are to meet with her in Sept in Mojacar. We got in touch by accident really as I was enquiring about a villa Los Morontes and it was her email that was connected to the enquiry! She seems very helpful and nice!

Ciara Fenlon 25/06/13
...Thanks Vicky! I will be looking to get references and feedback from others that have used her as a WP so if you hear of anyone let me know! :)

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